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Hello eveeryone!

2013 is shaping up to an amazing year in every way. It may bring amazing difficulties but I know for sure it will bring amazing breakthroughs. I truly feel like 2013 will be the year of the OVERCOMER! You will rise and overcome many issues that have troubled you in your past. Great days are ahead for you!

The Passion Translation is moving forward. By Easter you’ll be able to purchase Letters from Heaven, by the Apostle Paul. We plan on publishing this new year the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1&2 Timothy + Proverbs and possibly James. So each year you will see further installments in this monumental project. Thanks for your support, your prayers and please let your friends know about it!

I’ll leave you with a portion from Proverbs. Love and blessings! Brian and Candice Simmons

Chapter 1

The Prologue

¹Here are kingdom revelations, words to live by

And words of wisdom to reign in life by,[1]

Written as proverbs by Israel’s King Solomon,[2] David’s son.

²Within these sayings will be found the revelation of wisdom;[3] Imparting divine instruction and spiritual understanding

To use as keys to unlock the treasures

Of true knowledge.

³Those who listen will receive discipline

To demonstrate wisdom in every relationship[4]

And to choose what is right and just and fair.

⁴These proverbs will give you great skill

To teach the immature and make them wise,

To give to the youth the understanding

Of their design and destiny.

⁵For the wise, these proverbs will make you even wiser,

And for those with discernment you will acquire

Brilliant strategies for leadership.

⁶These kingdom revelations will break open

Understanding to unveil deeper meanings of parables,

The riddles of poetry and epigrams,

To perceive the words and enigmas of the wise.

⁷How then does a man gain the essence of wisdom?

It starts with God,

For the first rays of revelation-light come from Him

So trust Him and live in awe and adoration of Him![5]

Careless ones will never stop to do this,

For they scorn true wisdom and knowledge.


[1] 1:1 As stated in the introduction, the word for proverbs means more than just a wise saying. It can also mean, “To rule, to reign in power, to take dominion.”

[2] 1:1 The name Solomon means, “Peaceable.” There is a greater One than Solomon who gives peace to all His followers, His name is Jesus. Solomon was the seed of David; we are the seed of Jesus Christ.

[3] 1:2 There are six Hebrew words for wisdom in the Book of Proverbs. Some of these words will require an entire equivalent phrase in English to convey its meaning. The word used here is “chokmah” and is used in Proverbs 42 times. 42 is the number of months that Jesus ministered and the number of generations from Abraham to Christ listed in Matthew 1.

[4] 1:3 The Hebrew word here is “righteousness.” For the Hebrews, righteousness was more than keeping moral laws, it dealt with being righteous in our relationships with others.

[5] 1:7 Many translations render this, “the fear of the Lord.” This is much more than the English concept of fear, it also implies submission, awe, worship and reverence. The Hebrew word used here is found 14 times in Proverbs. The number 14 (7 x2) represents, “spiritual perfection.” The number 14 is the number mentioned three times in the genealogy of Jesus (Matthew 1:1-7). And it is also the number for “Passover.” You will pass from darkness to wisdom’s light by the fear of the Lord.

Proverbs 1:1-7 The Passion Translation

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